Product Information

Chromic Acid

Chromic Acid (CAS Number: 7738-94-5) Supplier in Europe

Welcome to SoleChem Chemicals, your premier supplier of high-quality Chromic Acid (CAS Number: 7738-94-5) in Europe. With a commitment to excellence, we take pride in providing top-grade Chromic Acid to various industries across Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, and Poland. Count on us for your Chromic Acid needs and experience unmatched product quality and customer service.

Physical Properties

Understanding Chromic Acid Characteristics

Chromic Acid, with the chemical formula H2CrO4, is a strong and highly corrosive acid. It appears as dark red crystals or a deep red liquid. Due to its powerful oxidizing properties, Chromic Acid finds diverse applications across various industries.

Production Methods

How Chromic Acid is Manufactured

Our Chromic Acid is produced through a precise chemical process. It involves the reaction of sodium dichromate with sulfuric acid, leading to the formation of Chromic Acid. The product is then meticulously purified and processed to ensure the highest quality and purity levels.

Industrial Applications

Versatility in Industrial Use

Chromic Acid serves as a vital ingredient in numerous industrial processes, including:

  1. Surface Treatment: It is used for etching and cleaning metal surfaces, especially in the aerospace and electronics industries.
  2. Chemical Manufacturing: Chromic Acid is utilized as a catalyst in various chemical synthesis reactions.
  3. Laboratory Applications: It is commonly used in laboratories for various analytical and research purposes.

Safety Information

Handling Chromic Acid with Care

Chromic Acid is a hazardous substance and should be handled with utmost care. Wear appropriate protective gear, including gloves and eye protection, is essential. Proper ventilation is required in areas where Chromic Acid is used. Please refer to our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for comprehensive safety guidelines.

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At SoleChem Chemicals, we are dedicated to providing the highest-quality Chromic Acid to our esteemed clients across Europe. As your trusted supplier, we ensure product excellence and timely deliveries. Whether for surface treatment, chemical manufacturing, or laboratory applications, rely on us for all your Chromic Acid requirements.

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