Product Information

Ferric Oxide

Ferric Oxide (CAS Number: 1309-37-1) Supplier in Europe

Physical Details and Properties

Ferric Oxide, also known as Iron(III) Oxide, is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula Fe₂O₃ and a molecular weight of 159.69 g/mol. It appears as a reddish-brown or black powder with different crystalline structures, including alpha-Fe₂O₃ and gamma-Fe₂O₃.

Production Methods

At SoleChem Chemicals, we ensure a reliable supply of high-quality Ferric Oxide. It is primarily produced through the thermal decomposition of iron(III) hydroxide or iron(III) oxide-hydroxide. The reaction results in the formation of Ferric Oxide, which can be further processed and purified.

Industrial Applications

Ferric Oxide finds diverse applications in various industries across Europe. Let’s explore some of its key uses:

  1. Pigments: Ferric Oxide is widely used as a pigment in paints, coatings, and ceramics, providing various shades of red, brown, and black.
  2. Magnetic Recording Media: Ferric Oxide is utilized in the production of magnetic tapes and discs for data storage.
  3. Catalysis: Ferric Oxide is employed as a catalyst in certain chemical reactions.

Safety Information

Ferric Oxide is considered generally safe for its intended industrial uses. However, handling Ferric Oxide with care and following proper safety precautions is essential.

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