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PolyDADMAC (CAS Number: 26062-79-3) Supplier in Europe

Chemical Name: PolyDADMAC, PolyDDA, Polydiallyldimethylammonium chloride

Welcome to SoleChem Chemicals, your trusted PolyDADMAC supplier in Europe. We take pride in offering high-quality PolyDADMAC (Polydiallyldimethylammonium chloride) to meet various industrial needs.

Physical Details and Properties:

PolyDADMAC is a water-soluble cationic polymer derived from diallyl dimethylammonium chloride monomers. It is known for its high cationic charge density, excellent flocculation, and coagulation properties.


PolyDADMAC finds diverse applications in several industries, including:

1. Water Treatment: PolyDADMAC is widely used in water treatment processes for coagulation and flocculation. It effectively removes impurities, suspended solids, and organic matter from water, making it suitable for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.

2. Paper Industry: It is employed as a retention and drainage aid in papermaking, enhancing paper formation and improving paper strength.

3. Textile Industry: PolyDADMAC is used as a dye-fixing agent in the textile industry, ensuring better color retention and wash-fastness of dyed fabrics.

4. Personal Care Products: It is a common ingredient in personal care products like shampoos and conditioners, providing conditioning and antistatic properties to hair.

5. Oil and Gas Industry: PolyDADMAC is utilized in the oil and gas industry for enhanced oil recovery and as a drilling mud additive.

PolyDADMAC Supplier in Europe:

At SoleChem Chemicals, we offer PolyDADMAC with varying molecular weights and cationic charge densities to suit specific application requirements.

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  • High-quality PolyDADMAC with consistent performance
  • Compliance with European regulations and standards
  • Prompt and reliable delivery across Europe
  • Technical support and expert guidance

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