Product Information

Sodium Chlorite

Sodium Chlorite (CAS Number: 7758-19-2) Supplier in Europe

Welcome to SoleChem Chemicals, your premier supplier of high-quality Sodium Chlorite (CAS Number: 7758-19-2) in Europe. With a commitment to excellence, we take pride in providing top-grade Sodium Chlorite to various industries across Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, and Poland. Count on us for your Sodium Chlorite supply needs and experience unmatched product quality and customer service.

Physical Properties

Understanding Sodium Chlorite Characteristics

Sodium Chlorite is a white, crystalline powder or a yellow-greenish solution with a slight chlorine-like odor. It is highly soluble in water and forms an alkaline solution.

Production Methods

How Sodium Chlorite is Manufactured

Our Sodium Chlorite is typically produced through the reduction of sodium chlorate using reducing agents like sulfur dioxide. The process forms sodium chlorite, which is then purified and made ready for commercial use.

Industrial Applications

Versatility in Industrial Use

Sodium Chlorite finds diverse applications in various industries, including:

  1. Water Treatment: It is used as a water disinfectant and for the generation of chlorine dioxide, which acts as an effective biocide in water treatment.
  2. Chemical Industry: Sodium Chlorite serves as a precursor for the production of other chemicals, such as chlorine dioxide and sodium perchlorate.
  3. Paper and Pulp: It is used in the paper and pulp industry for bleaching purposes.

Safety Information

Handling Sodium Chlorite with Care

Sodium Chlorite is considered hazardous and should be handled with extreme caution. It is a strong oxidizing agent and can release toxic gases upon contact with acids. Adequate safety measures, including protective equipment and proper storage, must be followed. For comprehensive safety guidelines, please refer to our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

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At SoleChem Chemicals, we are dedicated to providing the highest-quality Sodium Chlorite to our esteemed clients across Europe. As your trusted supplier, we ensure product excellence and timely deliveries. Whether for water treatment, chemical processes, or paper and pulp industry, rely on us for all your Sodium Chlorite supply requirements.

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