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Tetrachloroethylene (CAS Number: 127-18-4) Supply in Europe

Chemical Name:  Perchloroethylene, Tetrachloroethylene

Welcome to SoleChem Chemicals, your reliable supplier of high-quality Tetrachloroethylene in Europe. With our commitment to excellence, we take pride in providing top-notch chemicals for various industrial applications.

Physical Details and Properties:

Tetrachloroethylene, also known as perchloroethylene, is a colorless liquid with a characteristic sweet odor. Its chemical formula is C2Cl4, and it is non-flammable and highly stable.

Industrial Applications:

Tetrachloroethylene is widely used in the industrial sector, including:

1. Dry Cleaning: It serves as a primary solvent in dry cleaning processes, effectively removing oil, grease, and other stains from textiles and fabrics.

2. Degreasing: Tetrachloroethylene is used as a degreasing agent in metal cleaning applications to remove oils, waxes, and other contaminants from metal surfaces.

3. Chemical Processing: It finds use in chemical manufacturing processes, including the production of fluorocarbons and other specialty chemicals.

Safety and Compliance:

At SoleChem Chemicals, we prioritize safety and ensure that our Tetrachloroethylene product meets stringent quality standards. We adhere to all safety regulations and guidelines to provide our customers a safe and reliable product.

Supply in Europe:

Our vast distribution network ensures we can promptly supply Tetrachloroethylene across Europe. As a reputable supplier, we strive to meet the demands of various industries and businesses.

Perchloroethylene Supplier in Europe:

Tetrachloroethylene is commonly referred to as perchloroethylene, and we offer this versatile compound to cater to your specific requirements.

Experience the SoleChem Difference:

  • High-quality Tetrachloroethylene for various industrial applications
  • Compliance with European regulations and safety standards
  • Prompt and reliable supply across Europe
  • Exceptional customer service and support

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