Product Information

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 (CAS Number: 59-67-6) Supplier in Europe 

SoleChem Chemicals is your premier Vitamin B3 supplier, providing essential Niacin, also known as Nicotinic Acid, to elevate European industries. Our commitment extends across Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, and Poland, ensuring a steadfast supply of Vitamin B3 to meet diverse industry needs.

Unveiling Nutritional Importance:

Vitamin B3, or Niacin, plays a pivotal role in energy metabolism, DNA repair, and overall cellular function. Its contributions to maintaining healthy skin, nervous system, and digestive health underscore its significance.

Quality Sourcing and Production:

Adhering to rigorous standards, SoleChem Chemicals ensures meticulous sourcing and production of Vitamin B3. Through these careful processes, we guarantee the delivery of premium Niacin, fostering reliability and trust in our supply.

Cross-Industry Significance:

Vitamin B3’s impact spans multiple sectors. In the food industry, it enhances nutritional profiles. In healthcare, Niacin supplements contribute to cardiovascular health and cholesterol regulation. Additionally, it’s vital in livestock feed for enhanced animal well-being.

Safety and Quality Assurance:

Safety is paramount. We provide comprehensive guidelines for properly handling, storing and using Vitamin B3. Adhering to these practices ensures responsible and effective utilization.

Synonymous Terminology:

Vitamin B3, commonly recognized as Niacin or Nicotinic Acid, is synonymous with Nicotinic Acid in certain contexts.

Discover the excellence of SoleChem Chemicals as your Vitamin B3 supplier in Europe. Elevate your sourcing experience across the continent with our premium Niacin solutions, catering to diverse industries and applications.